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These 5"x7" fiber mosaic tiles, priced at$40-65, are meant to reflect the elemental colors of the Drop of Fire, Key of Sea, and Deep Woods tapestry series. 

Lightweight, includes magnet mount, so they can be displayed in changing array on a blank canvas or anywhere a small, still voice belongs in the environment.

This season's collaborative creations include Electrocuted Wood frames created by Jeremiah Urbas.  See more of his spectacular electrocuted and inlaid frames at  www.jeremiahsworkshop.com  

10"x30" canvas with 3 KeyofSea tiles
Combined set $160

Drop of Fire tile with tiger eye and jasper $80
Electrocuted frame inlaid with red jasper

Deep Woods tile in Electrocuted Wood frame
Framed set $80

KeyofSea mosaic tile, unmounted, $40
includes magnet for quick canvas mounting

Water mosaic tile, unmounted $40
with quartz crystal and lapis stones