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Wholesale accounts:
Balancing Point Creative Studio, an Ohio business devoted to creating one-of-a-kind handcrafted fiber work, invites wholesale accounts from two categories:
  •  1.  Brick and mortar galleries/shops offering primarily North American artisan-made handcrafts.
  •  2.  Qualified designers wishing to purchase wearable components to compliment their own wearables. 
Opening orders require a $250 purchase, reorder minimum requires $100 purchase.
To start the conversation about whether we are a good match for success with a wholesale account, please send an email to the address below, indicating your area of interest (wearables, tapestries, or both) and category of business you currently operate.  I will respond shortly, and provide access to the wholesale application page of this website.
Thank you for your interest, I look forward to talking with you,
Joanna Ettorre, owner
Balancing Point Creative Studio  

sample wearables order in Earth colorway
components assortable

cluster earrings w/carnelian
sugg. retail $28

hair stick barrette
sugg. retail $28

pendant/magnet pin on silver chain (opt.)
sugg. retail (w/o chain) $28

Medallion components w/Stone Lei
sugg. retail $75 (set)