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Knitwoven Mini-tapestries:   lightweight, colorful mini-tapestries, hand-loomed with raw, handpainted and found fibers of all kinds.  These pieces are created by layering with a combination of knitweaving, needlefelting, crochet, and embroidery embellishment. 
A selection of knitwoven tapestries lives at Stella's Art Gallery this winter, in Mentor, Ohio.   
Custom orders best created where we can see and touch existing pieces that attract your eye.
Prices for small mandala or rectangle styles, starting at $35.  Custom mosaic groupings for a special space starting at $150. 

Deep Woods Series,
approx. 8" x 10" $95 SOLD
autumn woods minitapestry
approx. 3" x 4" $40

Deep Woods landscape
approx. 5" x 7" $175 SOLD

Spring Orchard Minitapestry
approx. 3" x 5" $85

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