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Miniature tapestries go wearable, with scarf ornaments that hold a scarf, as well as convert to other accessories. 
The images below are shown with scarves created by talented silk painter Irina Dorofeeva.  Custom accessories are among the wearable fiber components available to qualified wholesale accounts interested in carrying my work.  Current designs and colorways build each year for a continuously integrated stocking strategy that plays well with other artists' work. 
Buckle style holds scarf or makes it a belt                  Pendant-style for scarf or necklace       

Irina's handpainted silk with buckle ring
Inspired by each other, for lots of looks!

Tapestry pendant ring: $25
pendant above shown with Stone Lei strands

Irina's silk with pendant ring
Scarf $50 and up, Pendant rings $12 and up

Buckle Style Scarf Ring: $25
Tapestry Pendant/Scarf ring: $25

Wholesale inquiries, click here for details and current designs