Earth Day 2020: 50 years of getting to know Mother Earth

February 25, 2020

By Joanna Ettorre

I'm a child of the 70's, and was deeply grooved by the fears and imaginations that were spoken of then on the subject of whether Mother Earth can survive our human onslaught.  By the time I was raising a young son, and holding my breath far too often when considering his future, there were voices of reason that planted seeds of compassionate impatience (read: gently reminders to focus on what counts) and Alan AtKisson was one of my favorites.  Believing Cassandra, the book he wrote at the end of the last century, was recently updated with what he knows now about walking his talk as a sustainability advocate, and making progress as a voice for changing  our destructive patterns a little at a time.  The Overstory, by Richard Powers is an exquisite work of fiction that nonetheless captures characters I have known who started in all kinds of unlikely places to end up in love with the expression of life force that is a a biological entity and a metaphoric model for our most useful efforts to live in right relation with our planet.  I'll be holding a sharing circle whenever needed in april, 2020, in Coventry Village, Ohio, at Mac's Backs bookstore or a table at Tommy's, for anyone(s) who take the time to at least skim both books and compare notes on course corrections in everyday life as antidote  to the smog of the coming election year.  Email me at to set up a meetup.