"Earth", this is interesting.

April 22, 2020

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What if they threw a party for Mother Earth, and were afraid to show up for it?  I trust forces of Nature to rebalance themselves, but this will require a hefty shift of our attention.  Waxing poetic, which is to say, avoiding cursewords, on the subject of the global disruption that brewed till it bubbled over in chaos is my best response right now to the viral infection currently blamed for challenging every living thing on the planet.  Except the trees, I'm guessing.  I have tried to take solitary walks as soon as the weather allowed my post-viral lungs a chance to clear out enough to enjoy walking again, and here's what I've learned from the budding trees that speak to me always, but especially this Spring:  "You guys are behind the curve on getting right with the Earth, so how about just breathing in and out till the next growth choice becomes clearer?"  Sustainability advocates worthy of the name have already reminded me for decades that the next thing to do, so often, is "nothing yet, just pay attention", an answer that looks wimpy on paper, but reads as effectively rooting more firmly in the dirt that supports life. 

A blog is suppose to be a short summary of thinking on a topic of social importance.  Not today, I affirm humbly.  I can't add more facts to the ones circulating the globe at high speed, but I can surely echo the one that recurs every morning, now that breathing comes easier and sun shows up more often:  focus on what's working, and ignore the distractions born of fear that stop me from expanding back to balance....regardless of sudden April snows and drowning rainstorms.  

It's Earth Day and I still can't legally justify inviting anyone anywhere to celebrate the life force I've committed to nurturing and protecting from thoughtlessness when I can.  But I can say out loud, and here in my little corner of serving Creation......We may look fragile, but life flows in our favor and the grass right outside my window is green as can be.

I so hope to see some of my fans from last summer's market season, soon, and hear how weathering storms together made us all stronger than we thought we could be.  Drop me an email if you're hoping to find me, and I'll give you the latest plan for when I can participate at Shaker Square Saturdays in a responsible way.