"I'm not an activist, I'm a visionary!"

June 21, 2020

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“I’m not an activist, I’m a visionary!”  A passionate advocate for sensible family life, an articulate mother and wife scanning for fresh food and meaningful conversation with open-minded humans, the woman’s eyes blazed with this correction of my question.  I could scan the internet fear-addicts all day and not get a clearer distinction of what kinds of choices thinking people are feeling the need to make this week.  I know better than to count on its agreed meaning between us, next week, or next year.  But the nuance of her statement means so much more to me than being scolded for mis-identifying her place in the local community.  Whatever the people around her want to call her, this is how she needs to self-identify.  And by doing so, she is adjusting how we will communicate when I see her next.

This is why I am willing to face the inconveniences of going to market on a Saturday morning, in the blazing sun or blowing wind if necessary, with my thread pictures, my tools and my gifts of Spirit.  We, the humans with whom I share oxygen in the middle of a planet-adjusting pandemic, are emerging into more important ways to communicate with each others. 

Small talk might be soothing after a fight or flight.  But it is, eventually, just an opiate, if the extended trip to floaty retreat doesn’t prepare me for real, mutually educational interactions with active minds searching for better ways to be alive at this moment.  Pro-active was my word for this longing.  After my conversation this morning, I re-language the habit:  Co-visionary.  How to better speak into reality the life-sustaining elements we both want to believe are abundant in the universe.  While the children are listening.  Monitoring our development, no doubt, for whether we’re ready to hear hard truths and elegant solutions.  Such is the life of a parent who stays awake to both imagine and respond to the daily consequences of yesterday’s choices and tomorrow’s possibilities. 

And yes, a little small talk in between is soothing.  Come to the market for vegetables and vibrant possibilities in co-visionary living.