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Drop of Fire 3D fiber sculpture

 Visit me at Cleveland area events this Fall:

Avant-Garde Art and Craft Show, Strongsville, OH   Sat., Nov. 12, 2016  (goto www.avantgardeshows.com ) 

Praxis Fiber  Workshop Open Studio days: Weds. and Sundays, 12-4pm, thru December '16

  "Knit-weaving" creating fabric using a knitted "warp" and a weft of yarns, threads, fabric strips....any flexible material that belongs together
      Knitwoven tapestries are my first love in the journey of discovery that is my hands-on experiment with the threads that hold the universe together.  With circles and lines, my tapestry work has taught me how to better predict the patterns that will hold together, and ones that will fray and disintegrate too easily to do their job. The parallels to life beyond my studio are breathtaking.
         Knitwoven mini-tapestry tiles, as small as 2"x3" components, start at $35.  They are lightweight and mountable on wall or tabletops as fabric-backed pieces ready for framing.   
Thru Fall 2016 
Balancing Point Studio is located in the Praxis Fiber Workshop in the Waterloo Arts District.
Email me (below) and make an appointment to visit the studio or check on drop-in learning opportunities. 


You can reach me by clicking on my email below.