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Balancing Point, a place and a process

I'm hard at work capturing the late winter colors for my garden mandalas, and watching for the early signs of spring speckles in my favorite trees.  I hope to be able to share the results at Shaker Square Market Saturdays, if they expand back to hosting more than food products, maybe after the beginning of May, 2020.  Check in by email for my updated plan or a studio visit as we imagine a summer with less fear factors.  

                                                      Joanna Ettorre

Knitweaving: Painting with loops and lines

Tapestries, Mandalas, and wearable accessories


In varying mixes of knitweaving and crochet, these round tapestries begin  woven on a knitting loom,  and  then mounted on a metal ring, to be embellished by crochet with gemstone chips and beads.  

squared/rectangle Tapestries

The beauty of knitweaving lets me choose what background, free-formed row by row, can be created, then mounted on a porous background.  Building up layers of applied fibers with crochet, needlefelting, and occasionally embroidery, I could go on indefinitely

Fiber/gemstone accessories

When a striking colorway gets leftover from a tapestry series (I marinate them with existing and hand-painted fibers like an exquisitely chosen meal), I sometimes capture it in small pendants and pins to ease my way out of a series that needs to end, to help me let it go.

Series available in 2019, samples of custom pieces you can help design.

email for details, or to schedule a studio visit

Deep Woods mandala, seasonal tributes to the trees we love

5" and 6" pieces, $30-45 

Key of Sea mini-tapestries, inspired by the edge of moving waters

Priced $30 and up

Drop of Fire mandala, inspired by lava sites and inner fires. 

$40 ea.,   Three 5"x7" panels -- $110 and up

2019, samples of current work

Deep Woods series

Key of Sea 5"x 7" series

Deep Woods 5"x7" series

Drop of Fire series


"Earth" Day...wow, this is interesting.

What if they threw a party for Mother Earth, and were afraid to show up for it?  I trust forces of Nature to rebalance themselves, but this will require a hefty shift of our…

Earth Day 2020: 50 years of getting to know Mother Earth

I'm a child of the 70's, and was deeply grooved by the fears and imaginations that were spoken of then on the subject of whether Mother Earth can survive our human onslaught.  By…

Some favorites in the current series:


Thanks for taking the time to reach out....to continue a conversation about a custom project, to schedule a studio visit, or to send me a pic of the new home one of my tapestries has found, use the form below.